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[IMPORTANT] Underlying Facial Structure
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[Facial structure employed for version 2.3.1]

The triangular patches shown in the above image represent the facial structure employed in this App. You can see this triangular patches while editing the markers in the PRO mode.
Each marker corresponds to a vertex of a triangular patch.

You can freely adjust the position of each marker. However, in order to obtain a beautiful averaging result, each marker should not traverse the sides of the other triangular patches.

[no marker traverses the sides of triangular patches]

In the above example, no marker (i.e., no vertex of a triangular patch) traverses the sides of any triangular patches. Thus, this is a good configuration.

[Two markers traverse sides of triangular patches]

In the above example, however, two markers  commit violations; they traverse sides of other triangular patches. In this case, strange edges or contours would appear in the averaging result.

If you find unexpected edges in an averaging result, check out the occurrence of the violation noted above. You can view the triangular patches in the PRO mode.

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