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Facial Symmetry and Beauty
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Some theorists hypothesize that symmetry is an important factor of facial beauty.
Of course symmetric faces are assumed to be more attractive than asymmetric ones.

Strictly speaking, natural human faces are asymmetric.
If we make naturally asymmetric faces perfectly symmetric, we will find that such artificially symmetric faces are more attractive than the original faces.

Here is a widely known method to make a face symmetric.

Firstly, split a face like this.

Then, copy the facial halves and mirror-reverse them.
By combining the facial halves, we can obtain two perfectly symmetric faces.
However, they are in general...

... weird faces like these ones.

This App offers you an alternative method.

First, load a face image and register it as the first face.

Prepare a mirror reversed image.

By averaging the original and the mirror reversed images, you obtain an almost symmetric face.

Is symmetry a so important factor of facial beauty?

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