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Eyebrows (How to use PRO mode)
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The facial structure employed in this App does not have eyebrows. 
Thus, the average face would in general have blurred eyebrows as you see in images shown above.
One workaround is to place markers for eye contours on eyebrows.
[Pupils only mode]
[Eye contours mode 1]
In the Eye contours mode, four additional markers appear around each eye.
In the figure above, they are denoted as A~D and a~d.
I the figure above, the markers are placed around the eyes. Thus, the eyebrows are not captured.
[Eye contours mode 2]
By placing the markers in the manner as shown in the figure above, the shapes of the eyebrows can be captured.
[PRO mode]
In the Pro mode, additional markers E and e appear.
You can use these markers to capture the arc of each eyebrow.
The above example was created by using the PRO mode. The shapes of the eyebrows are clearly rendered.
Average Face (Mobile Psych Lab • Room 04) - p < .05