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How to improve your facial attractiveness
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Original photograph. A five-year-old paramedic.

Average face of 40 Japanese females.

Average of the two face images.
Although I prefer the original photograph, you may say that the attractiveness of this face has been improved.

Note that this is not an average face of 41 faces; (40 adult females + the little paramedic)/41.
The average face of 40 females was once saved to Photo library, and loaded again as a single image.
Thus, the above example is an average of two images; (an image of adult average + the little paramedic)/2.

An important point in the above example is that the generated face still looks like the original little paramedic.

However, the facial identity of the original photograph can be lost, as shown below.

(the little paramedic + averaged beauties)/2.

It is difficult to identify this face as the original little-paramedic.

Average Face (Mobile Psych Lab • Room 04) - p < .05