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Basic workflow
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[Face #01: Facial structure is represented by markers]

[Face #02]

[Average of Face #01 and Face #02]

[Face #03]

[Average of Faces #01, #02, and #03]

In the example shown above, this App worked fine for the oblique face views.
However, this App is optimized for averaging front-views of faces.

Marker Behaviors
0) In order to adjust the position of a marker, touch the screen.

1) A marker closest to the touched point is selected for adjustment.
So, you do not need to touch a marker directly.

2) When a marker is selected, it automatically moves upward away from your finger. Still, it follows your finger's movement.

3) In order to produce beautiful average faces, markers should be used consistently across faces. 

Average Face (Mobile Psych Lab • Room 04) - p < .05